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For Immediate Release - June 21, 2012
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Kicinski Says "No New Debt Limit"

Earlville, NY. (June 21, 2012) Michael Kicinski, Republican candidate for Congress, NY-22, says he will take positive action to stop borrowing and to reduce spending. This past year, Congress has passed multiple spending bills and increased the debt limit to a historically record high.

Kicinski's opponent, incumbent Richard Hanna, has voted to increase the debt limit several times in less than a year. According to an interview published in The Oneida Dispatch, Mr. Hanna promises more of the same.

During the 2010 election campaign, Richard Hanna criticized the Democrat incumbent for taxing and spending and voting to increase the debt limit. "But Mr. Hanna voted the same as how he criticized his opponent," Kicinski said. "That's not the kind of representative we voted for."

Now, the Oneida Dispatch said Hanna "called those against raising the debt ceiling 'foolish' and having a 'misunderstanding of the issue.' "

"What good is a limit if Congress can keep on changing it?" Kicinski asks. "Foolish? A misunderstanding of the issue? Mr. Hanna is a businessman and has a degree in economics, yet he thinks continued borrowing is the right thing to do. Everyone knows that continued borrowing only creates bigger problems."

Kicinski says he will vote "no to any increase in the debt limit" and supports a practical balanced budget, one that will balance in a reasonable time of 5-7 years.

In that article, Mr. Hanna said "Congress needs to control 'incessant' spending." Kicinski agrees but said, "Yet Mr. Hanna voted for every spending bill and voted to increase the debt limit 3 times to its present $16.4 trillion. He has done nothing to support his own words. We still have no federal budget."

Kicinski spoke of a recent mailing by the Hanna campaign saying it misleadingly states he voted "to cut nearly $1 trillion in government spending" and Hanna supported "legislation that requires a balanced budget every year." Kicinski said, "How can this be? We have no budget. We have no balanced budget. He voted to increase the debt limit another $2.2 trillion, yet he is claiming a $1 trillion cut."

Kicinski criticized Mr. Hanna's thinking that more money must be borrowed in order to pay the bills. "Mr. Hanna said it's like a car loan," Kicinski said, "but if you can't pay the loan, no bank will keep approving more loans. You need to cut back spending in other areas in order to make the payments." Kicinski added, "Congress is just complicating things. But it is that simple. The federal government must have real spending cuts to have a practical balanced budget."

Michael Kicinski was recently endorsed by New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC, who stated that Mike "has not shied away from his convictions regarding the sanctity of human life, the sacredness of marriage or a proper limited role of government." He is also endorsed by Carl Paladino, Doug Hoffman, and New York State Right to Life.

Michael Kicinski will be a citizen representative, the voice of the People for New York. He is on the ballot for the New York Republican Congressional Primary set for June 26. More information can be found at website.